Service Department


We have a full service department, complete with highly trained Oil and Gas Technicians and the most up-to-date technology on the market Рfrom your annual maintenance, to changing your oil tank, or replacing your boiler or furnace, to installing a full heating system from scratch, we have you covered. We also provide free quotations: for example, if you are building a new home, or just changing your heating system,  we will quote you the total cost. Drop by one of our local offices and speak with the professionals, we have a number of different options to suit any situation and any budget.

Automatic Delivery


Automatic Delivery is a free service that we offer to our customers. The colder it is, the more often we go. Our state-of-the -art computer system is able to project when your residence requires oil, based on weather and your historic consumption.

Budget Plan


This is an interest-free plan designed to spread your heating costs over a 12 month period. We estimate what it will cost to heat your house for the winter: for example, say $3,000. Divide that by 12 equal payments and your budget is $250 per month from September to August. If you have a debit at the end of the 12 month period, you pay it in August. If you have a credit, we reimburse you or you can carry the credit balance forward to next winter.

In-House Accounting


In-House accounting has attracted many new customers. We do our own invoicing, billing and statement mailing from our Local Offices. We control all the accounts. If a discrepancy is apparent with your account, it will be dealt with immediately.

Leasing and Financing


We Sell, Finance or Lease-To-Own the Following Equipment:

  • High Efficiency Oil and Propane Hot Water Boilers
  • High Efficiency Oil and Propane Warm Air Furnaces
  • High Efficiency Oil and Propane Water Heaters
  • Tankless Propane Water Heaters
  • Propane Space Heaters
  • Propane Garage Heaters
  • Fibreglass and Roth Oil Tanks

Emergency After-Hours Calls


Our delivery and service teams are available after hours for emergency inquiries. All you have to do is call the same number as always, in Antigonish and Guysborough Counties 1(902)863-2500, and in Pictou County 1(902)752-2555.

Additional Charges May Apply

Furnace Insurance Plans


Under the Furnace Insurance Plan, you are covered for most parts and labor relating to your furnace. You may contact us for further details.